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Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary is in need of student volunteers to help run carnival games, cake walk, and be a “DJ” for the dance floor. We need students from J.T. Moore who may be interested in helping, either for the fun of it, or because they may need some volunteer hours from 5-8 p.m. to help with set-up and clean-up. Contact Katie Leniski.

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The deadline for submitting IB community service action hours, Friday, May 9th, is rapidly approaching!


We need your help! As a community we have rallied around the $25,000 Bridgestone grant with over 131,000 votes in 3 weeks- Amazing! However, even more amazing is our PTO, whose combined annual budgets for the first 3-Year Strategic Plan exceeded $250,000,  ten times the Bridgestone grant!  You, as PTO members, have the power to determine the direction of the PTO.  What are our goals? What can we achieve? How do we go about it?  We need your help to plan for the future.


June 16-19, 9am – noon. Girls of all ability levels are welcome to attend. The camp will focus on skill development for rising grades 5th-8th. Players will learn passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking and defense. Click here for a Lady Burro Volleyball Camp application.


JTM has a tradition of excellence in providing quality educational experiences for its students. A broad curriculum meets academic needs of students at all educational levels. J.T. Moore is an International Baccalaureate Organization School that feeds into the IB Diploma Programme at Hillsboro High.


Extracurricular activities offer many opportunities for additional success for our students. J.T. Moore has built a reputation for excellence in sports by winning many city championships. Community service is a strong component of the IB program of study and we strive to help students understand and embrace its importance.


We offer the structure, academic environment, and caring atmosphere to enable students to be successful. Each student is treated with respect and encouraged to reach his or her highest potential.