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JT Moore student clubs are an awesome “bonus” to being a Matador!!

Club Fair at Open House

We will have a club fair at open house on Monday, August 21st, at 5:15-6:00 PM at which time our open house will begin. As always, if there is a desire for a club not listed and we can find a faculty or parent sponsor, we can make it happen.We will have sign up forms at the clubs fair at open house that parents must sign in order for their child to be part of any club per the new state law that just went into effect.

If your student wants to participate, please fill out a clubs permission form, available HERE .

There are so many fun things that JT Moore has to offer. Would you be interested in adding to them? If you are interested in creating a club at JT Moore, please contact Lesli Hall HERE.

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We are thrilled to introduce you to the BSA Scout Troop 121, a fantastic club opportunity for your children here at J. T. Moore Middle School. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a renowned organization that focuses on character development, leadership skills, and outdoor adventures. Our troop is dedicated to providing a supportive and engaging environment for students to learn and grow. BSA Scout Troop 121 offers a wide range of exciting activities and opportunities for your children. From camping trips to community service projects, our troop aims to foster personal growth, teamwork, and a strong sense of community. Through participation in scouting, your child will have the chance to develop valuable life skills, build lasting friendships, and explore the great outdoors.

Our troop is led by a team of experienced and dedicated adult leaders who are passionate about guiding and mentoring the scouts. They organize a diverse array of activities, including hiking, fishing, knot-tying, first aid training, leadership workshops, and much more. These activities are designed to challenge and inspire your children while promoting a sense of adventure and exploration. Joining BSA Scout Troop 121 is an excellent opportunity for your children to develop their leadership potential. As they progress through the ranks, they will have the chance to take on leadership roles within the troop, such as patrol leaders and senior patrol leaders. These positions provide invaluable experiences in decision-making, communication, and team management.

We understand the importance of balancing scouting activities with academic commitments, and our troop endeavors to create a schedule that accommodates the needs of our members.

We invite you to learn more about BSA Scout Troop 121 by attending our informational meeting on Monday, August 21st, at 5:15 p.m. This meeting will provide you with an opportunity to meet the troop leaders, ask questions, and gain an understanding of the numerous benefits that scouting offers.We look forward to welcoming your children into the BSA Scout Troop 121 family. Together, we can help them develop essential life skills, forge lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories.

We are excited to introduce you to the Civics Club, an engaging and educational opportunity for your children here at J. T. Moore Middle School. Our club is dedicated to fostering an understanding of civic responsibility, promoting active citizenship, and empowering students to make a positive impact on their community. The Civics Club offers a variety of activities and experiences that aim to deepen your child’s understanding of government, democracy, and the importance of civic engagement. Through interactive discussions, debates, and hands-on projects, we strive to cultivate critical thinking skills, enhance public speaking abilities, and encourage respectful dialogue among our members.

Our club is led by a team of passionate and knowledgeable teachers who are committed to providing a stimulating and supportive environment for your children. They organize engaging activities such as mock elections, model United Nations sessions, community service projects, and visits to local government institutions. These experiences are designed to empower students to become informed and active participants in their democracy. By joining the Civics Club, your child will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and build strong relationships with like-minded peers. Through collaboration and teamwork, they will learn the importance of compromise, negotiation, and advocacy for the causes they believe in.

We understand the importance of balancing club activities with academic commitments, and our club endeavors to create a schedule that accommodates the needs of our members. Meetings are typically held on [day(s) of the week] at [time] to ensure minimal conflicts with school and other extracurricular activities. We invite you to learn more about the Civics Club by attending our informational meeting on [date] at [time]. This meeting will provide you with an opportunity to meet the club leaders, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the numerous benefits that participating in the Civics Club offers.

We look forward to welcoming your children into the Civics Club and embarking on a meaningful journey of civic discovery and engagement. Together, we can inspire the next generation of responsible and active citizens.

The Chess Club is a gathering of students who have a shared interest and love for the game of chess. This club provides a space for students to come together, learn, practice, and compete in chess matches. Whether they are beginners or experienced players, the chess club offers a supportive and inclusive environment for students to improve their strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and focus. Members of the chess club have the opportunity to participate in friendly matches, tournaments, and even represent the school in chess competitions. Overall, the chess club in middle school provides a platform for students to develop their chess abilities, build friendships, and foster a lifelong passion for this classic game.


The JT Moore Drama Club is a vibrant and energetic community where students can explore their passion for acting, storytelling, and performance. This club offers a platform for students to express themselves creatively, develop confidence, and build valuable life skills. Through a variety of activities and workshops, students learn the art of improvisation, character development, stage presence, and teamwork. They work collaboratively on theatrical productions, including plays and skits, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent on stage. The drama club fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, where students of all skill levels can come together to nurture their love for the performing arts. Whether they dream of being on stage or simply want to try something new, the drama club offers an exciting and enriching experience for middle school students to discover their inner performer and create lasting memories.

Learn More:

Contact: Kyla O’Neal

The Dungeons and Dragons club in middle school is a place where students with a shared interest in role-playing games can come together to embark on exciting adventures. In this club, students create unique characters and collaborate in a fantasy world guided by a Dungeon Master. Through imaginative storytelling, problem-solving, and teamwork, students learn valuable skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and communication. The club provides a safe and inclusive environment for students to explore their creativity, develop their characters, and engage in epic quests. Whether they are experienced players or new to the game, the Dungeons and Dragons club offers a welcoming community for middle school students to bond over their shared passion for this captivating and strategic game.


The Express Yourself Songwriting club in middle school is a dynamic and inspiring community where students can unleash their creativity and find their unique voice through the power of music. This club provides a platform for students to explore songwriting as a form of self-expression and storytelling. Through a series of workshops and activities, students learn the fundamentals of song structure, melody, lyrics, and music composition. They are encouraged to draw from their personal experiences and emotions to craft heartfelt and authentic songs. The club offers a safe and supportive environment for students to share their work, collaborate with peers, and receive constructive feedback. Whether they are beginners or aspiring musicians, the Express Yourself Songwriting club nurtures a love for music and empowers students to express themselves through the transformative art of songwriting. Joining this club allows students to tap into their creativity, develop their musical skills, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share their passion for music.


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club in middle school is a group that brings together students who share a passion for both sports and their Christian faith. The club aims to encourage and inspire student athletes to integrate their relationship with God into their athletic pursuits. Through regular meetings, prayer, and outreach activities, the FCA club fosters a supportive community where students can grow spiritually, develop leadership skills, and build character both on and off the field.


The Garden Club for middle school is a vibrant and green space where students can explore the wonders of nature and develop a love for gardening. Led by dedicated mentors, this club offers students the opportunity to learn about plants, sustainability, and the environment. Through hands-on activities, students get to plant, tend to, and harvest a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers in the school garden. They also learn essential gardening skills like soil preparation, watering, and pest control. The Garden Club provides a peaceful and therapeutic environment where students can connect with nature, de-stress, and foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Students develop a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability and learn how their actions can positively impact the ecosystem. Additionally, the Garden Club encourages creativity and teamwork through projects like designing garden layouts, creating compost bins, and organizing fundraising events. By joining the Garden Club, students not only gain practical knowledge about gardening but also cultivate a sense of appreciation for the natural world and develop lifelong skills for sustainable living. Get ready to dig in and grow with the Garden Club!


Our middle school Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club is a safe and inclusive space for students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Our club aims to create a supportive and accepting environment where students can come together to discuss, learn, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and equality. Led by dedicated student leaders and supported by compassionate faculty advisors, the GSA club organizes educational workshops, guest speakers, and social events to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance within our school community. Through open discussions, activities, and community outreach initiatives, we strive to foster a sense of belonging, respect, and empowerment for all students. The middle school GSA club is committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable school environment for everyone, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.


The International Trip Club for middle school is an exciting and enriching opportunity for students to explore different cultures, broaden their horizons, and create lifelong memories. This club organizes trips to various countries around the world, providing students with a unique chance to experience new languages, traditions, and perspectives. Led by experienced educators, the International Trip Club aims to foster global awareness and understanding among students. Through immersive cultural activities, students get to visit historical landmarks, museums, and local communities, gaining firsthand knowledge of the rich heritage of each destination. They have the chance to interact with locals, taste authentic cuisine, and participate in cultural workshops, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the local customs. The International Trip Club also emphasizes the importance of responsible travel, encouraging students to be mindful of their impact on the environment and local communities. By joining this club, students not only expand their world view but also develop valuable skills such as adaptability, independence, and open-mindedness. Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins, learning traditional dances, or trying new foods, the International Trip Club promises an unforgettable journey that will inspire a lifelong love for travel and a global perspective. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with the International Trip Club!

The Lacrosse Club for middle school is an exciting and energetic group where students can learn and participate in the exhilarating sport of lacrosse. This club offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their athletic skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship while having a blast on the field. Led by experienced coaches, the club provides comprehensive training sessions that cover essential lacrosse techniques, strategies, and game rules. Students of all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to join, as the club aims to foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Through regular practices, friendly scrimmages, and hard fought matches, students have the chance to improve their stick-handling, passing, shooting, and defensive skills. Additionally, the club organizes friendly matches against other schools, allowing students to showcase their talents and compete in a fun and competitive setting. Joining the Lacrosse Club not only provides students with a fantastic opportunity to stay active and learn a new sport, but also helps them develop important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork.

Our middle school Percussion Club is a fun and engaging extracurricular activity for students interested in playing percussion instruments. Led by a passionate and experienced instructor, this club offers a unique opportunity for students to explore various percussion instruments such as drums, xylophones, marimbas, and more. Students will learn essential skills like rhythm, coordination, and teamwork through interactive lessons, group performances, and exciting ensemble pieces. Whether beginners or experienced musicians, all students are welcome to join and discover their love for percussion in a supportive and creative environment. The middle school percussion club encourages musical expression, builds confidence, and fosters a sense of camaraderie among its members.

Welcome to the intriguing realm of the middle school Philosophy Club! Our club is a haven for inquisitive minds who love exploring the profound questions that shape our understanding of the world. Join us as we embark on a journey of intellectual discovery, engaging discussions, and critical thinking.

In our Philosophy Club, we delve into a wide range of philosophical topics, from ethics and morality to metaphysics and epistemology. Together, we explore the timeless wisdom of ancient philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle, as well as the contemporary ideas of thinkers who continue to shape our world today. Our club meetings are filled with lively debates, thought-provoking discussions, and mind-stretching puzzles. We encourage our members to challenge conventional wisdom, analyze complex ideas, and develop their own unique perspectives. Through engaging activities and philosophical games, we sharpen our critical thinking skills and learn to articulate our thoughts effectively.

Whether you’re pondering the meaning of life, contemplating ethical dilemmas, or simply curious about the nature of reality, our Philosophy Club is the perfect place to unravel the mysteries of the mind. We embrace diversity of thought and create a welcoming space for everyone to share their ideas, fostering an environment of open-mindedness and respect.


The Project Lit Book Club for middle school is an exciting and inclusive club that brings students together to explore the magic of literature. Led by dedicated teachers, this book club introduces students to a diverse range of engaging books that capture their imaginations and spark meaningful discussions. Through lively meetings, students have the opportunity to share their thoughts, exchange ideas, and develop critical thinking skills. The Project Lit Book Club encourages a love for reading by providing a safe and supportive environment where students can express themselves and explore different perspectives. Additionally, the club organizes fun activities such as book-related games, author visits, and creative projects to enhance the overall reading experience. By participating in the Project Lit Book Club, students not only deepen their appreciation for literature but also cultivate important skills such as empathy, communication, and creativity. Joining this club is an invitation to embark on thrilling literary journeys, make lasting friendships, and discover the transformative power of books.


The Robotics Club for middle school is an exciting and hands-on club that immerses students in the world of technology and engineering. Led by passionate mentors, this club offers students the opportunity to design, build, and program robots using cutting-edge tools and equipment. Through engaging activities and challenges, students learn valuable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity. The Robotics Club fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where students can explore their passion for robotics, learn from each other, and push the boundaries of their knowledge. Whether it’s constructing a robot to navigate a maze or competing in regional robotics competitions, the Robotics Club provides endless opportunities for students to apply their skills and showcase their ingenuity. By joining the Robotics Club, students not only develop a deep understanding of technology and engineering principles but also gain confidence in their abilities to tackle complex problems. Get ready to unlock your inner inventor and join the exciting world of robotics!


The Students for Social Justice club at J. T. Moore Middle School is a dynamic and passionate group of students dedicated to making a positive impact in their community and beyond. This club provides a platform for students who are passionate about social justice issues to come together, learn, and take action. Through engaging discussions, workshops, and activities, the Students for Social Justice club aims to raise awareness about various social justice issues, such as inequality, discrimination, environmental sustainability, and more. Students have the opportunity to explore these topics, gain a deeper understanding of their root causes, and brainstorm innovative solutions. The club actively encourages students to use their voices and take action through advocacy, community service, and awareness campaigns. Students have the opportunity to organize fundraisers, volunteer at local organizations, and participate in community outreach programs. By working together, they strive to create positive change and promote inclusivity, equality, and justice within their school and the broader community.

The Students for Social Justice club provides a safe and supportive space for students to express their thoughts, share experiences, and collaborate with like-minded peers. It fosters a sense of empowerment, empathy, and compassion, helping students develop critical thinking skills and become socially responsible citizens.


Proudly introducing the JTMoore 2023-2024 Swim Club! 

Lane space and coaches have been secured for a 2023-2024 season! We are being supported by: Nashville Schools Swim Club. This non-profit organization supports several other Metro school teams (Hillsboro, Hume-Fogg, Isaac Litton, Valor, etc.) In addition, we have THE BEST COACHES lined up. Head coach, Mr. Skyler Findley, has been coaching at 7Hills and in the Nashville area for many years. He is amazing! We have also lined up Ms. Evelyn Hudson to join us as the JTM Assistant Coach. Evelyn is high-energy and so much fun. The kids will love her! Finding lane space is challenging for winter teams, so we will start out light this year, but hope to expand practice times next year! Here is what you need to know to get started:

1. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in having your son or daughter join the team.

2. The season will begin in Mid-October and run through January/early February.

3. Practices will be on Sundays @ 2 PM – 4 PM @ Ensworth Natatorium, 7401 SR-100, Nashville 37221

4. The cost of the program will be $125. (We will also collect donations to thank Coaching staff)

5. There will be a meeting on September 10th @ 5:30 @ McDougal’s to meet the coaches and gather more information.

6. All skill levels welcome! Your child just needs to be able to get across a pool and back.


Welcome to the exciting world of the middle school Trading Card Gaming club! Our club is a vibrant and inclusive community where students come together to explore the thrilling realm of trading card games. With a dash of strategy, a sprinkle of creativity, and a whole lot of fun, we offer a fantastic platform for students to showcase their gaming skills and forge lasting friendships. In our club, you’ll find a diverse group of enthusiastic players who share a common passion for trading card games. Whether you’re into Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, or any other popular card game, we’ve got you covered! Our members are always eager to welcome new players, so don’t worry if you’re new to the scene – we’ll help you learn the ropes and become a master in no time. Our club is a treasure trove of creativity as well! We encourage our members to design their own unique cards, create custom decks, and even invent their own games. You’ll have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and showcase your artistic talents, making each session a delightful blend of gaming and creativity. So, whether you’re a seasoned card game veteran or a curious newcomer looking to embark on a thrilling adventure, our middle school Trading Card Gaming club is the place for you! Prepare for epic battles, endless laughter, and a whole lot of fun. Join us today and let the cards guide you into a world of endless possibilities!


Welcome to the exciting world of the middle school Ultimate Frisbee Club! If you’re looking for an active and thrilling team sport, then you’ve come to the right place. Our club is all about the fast-paced action and camaraderie that comes with playing Ultimate Frisbee. In our Ultimate Frisbee Club, we focus on developing fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, and teamwork. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, our club welcomes players of all skill levels. Our experienced coaches and dedicated team members are here to help you improve your skills and have fun along the way.

During our club practices, we engage in various drills, mini-games, and scrimmages to enhance our skills and tactical understanding of the game. Ultimate Frisbee combines elements of football, soccer, and basketball, making it a unique and dynamic sport that requires agility, speed, and strategic thinking.

Beyond the physical aspects, our club also emphasizes the importance of fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for opponents. Ultimate Frisbee has a strong spirit of the game, where players self-officiate and prioritize mutual respect and integrity.


Clubs & Activities

JTM clubs are an awesome “bonus” to being a Matador!!

If your student wants to participate, please fill out a clubs permission form, available HERE.

Any and all club related questions can be sent to Becky Clay HERE

There are so many fun things that JT Moore has to offer. Would you be interested in adding to them? If you are interested in creating a club at JT Moore, please contact Becky Clay HERE

Here’s a glimpse into the clubs that JT Moore has had in previous years:

Art club meets for six-week sessions once a week. Previous clubs have focused on working with ceramic and recycled materials, creating tunnel books and much more. All ages welcome.

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JTM Chess Club is for players of all levels: Beginners to Rated. Why chess? Chess is fun and competitive, but it also offers lasting educational benefits such as enhanced problem- solving and logical reasoning skills, increased attention span, improved patience and self-esteem, etc. It’s more than just a game! The JTM Chess Club members are encouraged but not required to compete in local and regional tournaments.

Teaching club members America Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

The Destination Imagination (DI) mission is to engage students in project-based challenges that are designed to build confidence and develop extraordinary creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. DI is a global competition run by a non-profit organization, challenging young minds since 1978.

Drama club is for students who want to be part of a dramatic production, participating on stage, backstage, on the technical side of things, or on the management side of productions. In the Spring, Drama puts on a musical, typically involving 80+ students coming together to produce one fantastic show.

An outreach of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Express Yourself fosters a love of songs and songwriting among middle-school students, encouraging them to use the art form as a positive outlet for expressing their feelings and frustrations.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a club that is open to all, you don’t need to be an athlete to join! On Friday mornings we meet for a Bible lesson, small group time, prayer, games and fun!

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Swim team- one meet a month from October – January. Championship meets is the last Saturday in January

The JTM Lacrosse team is entering its 15th year. We are a club sport that takes anyone in grades 5-8 interested in learning the sport of boys’ lacrosse. We start practicing three days/week beginning in late February and play games during the months of March and April.

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Model UN and Youth In Government is a state wide simulation of the UN and state government. Students get to debate on political issues and solutions with other students from across the state. With the help of high school mentors, anybody can join and become a pro!

We will be traveling to Peru with World Strides, an educational travel company for students. This trip provides an opportunity for students to be immersed in the culture and history of Peru, as well as learn about Peru’s diverse ecosystems. Those who wish to be immersed in the Spanish language will be able to participate in the trip all in Spanish. This will be a fantastic opportunity to engage with native Spanish speakers!

Fall: Prepare and Compete in the FIRST Lego League engineering competition. Spring: More casual introduction to robotics / kids prepare for and compete in an inhouse sumobot competition

We are a club that focuses on introducing kids to skateboarding and developing those already skilled at the activity. Also reinforcing the life-skills of patience, hard-work, perseverance, and courage that is learned from skateboarding.

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Back for its third year, the Ultimate Frisbee club introduces students to the basics of the game. We do limited drills, play scrimmages, and have the chance to play against the other middle school team in town (USN) each season.

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