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INVEST in MOORE Campaign

INVEST in MOORE is one way you can join the tradition of excellence at JT Moore Middle School. This annual campaign is the school’s largest fundraising effort. Due to limited funding from MNPS, INVEST in MOORE is essential to many of the programs offered at JT Moore. The INVEST in MOORE campaign is incredibly meaningful each year, supporting our operating budget and providing the funding that enable us to fulfill a wide range of needs, including those that are unanticipated.

Right now, the INVEST in MOORE campaign will help the school immeasurably as we meet increased needs to make critically important changes to our school to ensure the health and safety of our community for this next year. Our school needs, although somewhat different, cannot be met without your support. The JT Moore team is committed to raising well-rounded students who are prepared for high school and beyond.  The leadership and financial support that parents and the PTO provide ensures that we can continue to grow and thrive as a beloved community school.

Last year, our INVEST in MOORE campaign raised over $140,000 that helped with the following:

  • Teacher’s Lounge renovation
  • Tree canopy and landscaping for the JTM campus — over 40 new trees planted plus new landscaping in the bus loop area
  • 8 new tables for outdoor lunch and 6 new benches for playground area
  • New playground equipment: Swing set, 9 Square in the Air
  • Multiple teacher/staff appreciation events (breakfasts / lunches)
  • Purchased equipment and materials for classrooms, clubs, drama, and sports programs. 

We need your help again this year. No donation is too small, and every financial donation is tax deductible.


Mail your check with your child’s name and grade on the memo line to:  JT Moore PTO – INVEST 4425 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204

Or if you prefer, please click the links below to make your donation via credit/debit card or to make your pledge for the year:

Click here to INVEST in Moore online

Questions about INVEST? Does your company have a matching gift program you could participate in?  Contact Heather Jenkins or Becky Clay.

Please help us and INVEST in your child and your school today!