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JT Moore offers Spanish to Glendale Elementary students to continue their 5 years of immersion education. Spanish at JTM transitions from the academic-theme offered at Glendale to a conversation-based curriculum. Students who wish to continue their Spanish education from Glendale MUST enroll in the 5th and 6th grade classes in order to eligible for Spanish 1 (for high school credit) in 7th grade; students who opt not to continue in 5th and/or 6th grade will not be allowed to re-enter the pathway in 7th grade. Students who did not attend Glendale and would like to take Spanish must test into the program.

5th graders in 2021-2022 will take Spanish during the “zero period” from 7:45am-8:40am, before school starts. This class is a for-credit class just like any other class at JTM. Note that the “D hallway” (where the Spanish classrooms are located) is not accessible until 7:45am.

6th graders will take pre-high school Spanish during their related arts period. Students who are enrolled in band/strings from this group will have band/strings during intervention – the last period of the day.

7th and 8th graders from Glendale who have continued the pathway through 5th and 6th grade will take Spanish for high-school credit during the regular school day.

To learn more about the Spanish program at JT Moore, please contact Thaddeus Bryant.

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