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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

How do we support student talent development?

  • Learning opportunities that match student’s level of ability instead of age or grade level.
  • Significant levels of academic challenge in the domain of student’s talent and/or interest through collaborative work opportunities with gifted peers during school hours.
  • We provide program choice for students to explore and grow their interests and talents: GATE Advanced Mathematics, GATE Creative Writing, GATE STEAM.
  • 8th Grade students may also have the option of pursuing independent study projects with the support and guidance of the GATE faculty.


GATE Advance Mathematics

  • Accelerated curriculum and comprehensive enrichment through cognitive puzzles, creative tasks, and advanced proof and reasoning techniques.
  • History of mathematics, examining the development of key mathematical ideas.
  • Ability and mastery based individual learning paths in Stanford University developed mathematics software – REDBIRD, followed by ALEKS – award winning math software


GATE Creative Writing

  • Practice advanced writing skills in an academically challenging environment.
  • Learn creative writing through advanced style, form, and editing techniques.
  • Opportunity to publish work annually at school.



  • Standards aligned and content based Complex Thematic Units designed to provide advanced learning opportunities for gifted and talented students.
For more information, please contact Assistant Principals Colin Hunt or Bryan Lowe.