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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

How do we support student talent development?

  • Learning opportunities that match student’s level of ability instead of age or grade level.
  • Significant levels of academic challenge in the domain of student’s talent and/or interest through collaborative work opportunities with gifted peers during school hours.
  • We provide program choice for students to explore and grow their interests and talents: GATE Advanced Mathematics, GATE Creative Writing, GATE STEAM.


GATE Advance Mathematics

  • Accelerated curriculum and comprehensive enrichment through cognitive puzzles, creative tasks, and advanced proof and reasoning techniques.
  • History of mathematics, examining the development of key mathematical ideas.
  • Ability and mastery based individual learning paths in Stanford University developed mathematics software – REDBIRD, followed by ALEKS – award winning math software


GATE Creative Writing

  • Practice advanced writing skills in an academically challenging environment.
  • Learn creative writing through advanced style, form, and editing techniques.
  • Opportunity to publish work annually at school.



  • Standards aligned and content based Complex Thematic Units designed to provide advanced learning opportunities for gifted and talented students.
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