Hey Matadors! Thank you for the lovely and lively responses to our first round of laptop requests! This week’s deployment form is closed while we prepare those student devices.

For those of you that have already filled out the first form, you can still come by school on Thursday, October 22nd and Friday, October 23rd to pick up your devices.

For those of you returning to in-person learning who missed the first form and need a working laptop will fill out the this form and we will deliver it to homerooms next week. If you are remaining virtual and your current school issued laptop is not working properly please fill out this form to reserve one. Pick up will run Wednesday and Friday of next week (28th & 30th) from 10am – 3pm.

Still have questions? 

Q: Who can pick up a new device?

A: These devices are for students who do not have a personal device or school issued device for in-person learning OR for students who are virtual but they need a better functioning device.

Q: Are you prioritizing laptop reservations?

A: Yes, we are prioritizing students who need them. i.e. ones who do not have a personal one they can bring in, one that is not working, or a school device that is lagging or lacking Chrome, teams, audio, etc…

Q: I’m remaining virtual and my current laptop isn’t working, should I fill out a form?

A: Yes, Please fill out the Laptop Deployment Form to reserve one. (Link in bio, or link directly when posted on website)

Q: Should I bring in my old school device when trading it in for a new one?

A: Yes, The cords do NOT need to be returned- these are compatible with the new devices. If, however, your current school laptop is working fine (whether you have a virtual or in-person learner), please keep using it.

Q: Will I be able to get a replacement device if mine begins to act up during the school year?

A: You bet! Exchanges and troubleshooting will continue on throughout the year.

Q: Where do I pick up a laptop?

A: Please come to the main lobby of JTM to receive your device and to sign a waiver. Don’t forget your mask!

Q: I still have questions, who should I contact?

A: Please contact Mrs. Dark via email at [email protected]