For the last two years, our school has participated in a book club called Project Lit. The mission is to inspire all Nashville children to become lifelong readers by making books more accessible and creating excitement about reading. You can read more about how it came about here: Project LIT. I am thrilled to begin this year’s club with Vanderbilt University student Anna Yarinsky who is studying literacy and community in schools. A few things to know about our Chapter:

An interest meeting for students will be held this Tuesday, September 29th, at 12:30 on Teams: LINK TO JOIN HERE 

For those students who cannot make it Tuesday but want to be a part of our club & this month’s book choice: SIGN UP & VOTE HERE 

I hope you will talk with your student about this wonderful opportunity. It is a lovely way to build a sense of belonging even while we are apart. We read for lots of reasons, but especially now we read to know we are not alone.

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Ms. Dark