Almost a  year ago this week, the 210+ year old “Lone Oak” tree located near the car line exit at JT Moore was destroyed by an intense storm that ravaged our area. One year later, we’re pleased to tell you that Mr. Shane Kimbro, our wonderful band director and master wood worker, has created beautiful handcrafted and engraved ink pens from pieces of our fallen piece of history. He is selling these limited edition pieces of history for $50. If you are interested in owning one of these beautifully crafted pieces of history, please contact Mr. Kimbro at [email protected].

The Lone Oak Tree
John Trotwood Moore Estate
1804 – 2020
Certificate of Authenticity

This mighty and majestic oak tree survived many storms for more than two centuries and has stood as a symbol of strength and perseverance for the passersby of this community. On May 3rd, 2020 a severe storm that swept across several states brought this great tree down, but its legacy will continue. This handcrafted pen is a piece of this community’s rich history commemorating this mighty oak and the strength, love, and hope of its citizens.