Hi friends! This is just to let you know important upcoming dates and also developments in the news that impact MNPS and its funding in this budget season. Everyone, please publicize to your school community via PTO newsletter, etc, the Feb 18 district PAC meeting regarding the new budget proposal, as well as our Feb 24 cluster PAC meeting.

Tues, Feb 18 – Martin Center (next to Eakin), 6 pm

Mon, Feb 24 – Percy Priest Elementary, 6-7 pm

Wed, Feb 26 – Hillwood High School, 6-7:30 pm.

Mon, March 9 – Church of Christ in Green Hills, 6-7:30 pm.

Note that the MNPS budget discussed above is only the operating budget for MNPS. It doesn’t include any funds for buildings, buses, repairs, expansion of facilities, etc. Those things are covered by a separate budget, the capital needs budget The longer that capital needs go unaddressed, the higher the costs climb – delays in building new facilities make them more expensive over time. Delays in needed repairs result in the worsening of conditions and more expensive repairs being needed down the road. MNPS has received NO capital budget so far this school year. Mayor Cooper has indicated that a capital budget will be forthcoming before March 31. MNPS has submitted a request for $401 million in capital funds for this year. We have been fortunate in our cluster to have received the needed funding for a total overhaul and new construction on Hillsboro High School in past years. A total replacement for Percy Priest Elementary in included in the current request. If you feel so inclined, please urge the Mayor and your council member to give MNPS the largest capital budget possible to address the very real needs in our school facilities.


Other recent news relevant to MNPS school funding: