The JTM volleyball team has earned a reputation as one of the top Middle School programs at MNPS, bringing home 17 City Championships since 1969. JTM boasts a 20-game schedule, and the Matadors are among the top teams in the league year in and year out. This year, they finished their season with a 28-1 record and took home the 2021 City Championship Trophy!

Led by Coach Crego and Assistant Coach Davidson, JTM prides itself on creating competitive student-athletes who understand the value of incorporating the game of volleyball into life. Teamwork and excellent sportsmanship are the cornerstones of our program both on and off the court.


9/8/20215:45pm MLK MagnetWest End MiddleW2-0
9/8/20216:45pmWest End MiddleWest End MiddleW2-0
9/10/20214:45pmMcKissackJT MooreW2-0
9/10/20215:45pmBellevue MiddleJT MooreW2-0
9/13/20214:45pmHead MiddleJT MooreW2-0
9/13/20215:45pmNashville PrepJT MooreW2-0
9/15/20215:45pmHG HillRose ParkW2-0
9/15/20216:45pmRose ParkRose ParkW2-0
9/20/20215:45pmMLK MagnetJohn Early MiddleW2-1
9/20/20216:45pmJohn Early MiddleJohn Early MiddleW2-0
9/22/20214:45pmBellevue MiddleJT MooreW2-0
9/22/20215:45pmWest End MiddleJT MooreW2-0
9/27/20215:45pmHG HillRose ParkW2-0
9/27/20216:45pmRose ParkRose ParkW2-0
9/29/20215:45pmHead MiddleJohn Early MiddleW2-1
9/29/20216:45pmJohn Early MiddleJohn Early MiddleW2-0
10/4/20214:45pmMcKissackJT MooreW2-0
10/4/20215:45pmWest End MiddleJT MooreW2-0
10/6/20214:45pmJohn Early MiddleJohn Early MiddleRescheduled
10/6/20215:45pmNashville PrepJohn Early MiddleRescheduled
Western Division Playoffs
JT MooreW2-0
10/20/20216:45pmHead Middle
Western Division Playoffs
JT MooreW2-0
Western Division Playoffs
JT MooreW2-1
Western Division Championship
JT MooreW2-0
City Quarterfinals
Two RiversW2-0
City Semifinals
Two RiversW2-0
City Quarter Finals
Two RiversW2-0
10/27/20217:45pmJFK – Game 1
City Championship
Two RiversL0-2
10/27/20218:45pmJFK – Game 2
City Championship
Two RiversW 2-0

City Championships

  • 1972
  • 1975
  • 1979
  • 2001| 25-1
  • 2002 | 26-1
  • 2003 | 21-0
  • 2004 | 25-1
  • 2005 | 24-0
  • 2006 | 26-1
  • 2010 | 26-0
  • 2012 | 26-0
  • 2013 | 26-0
  • 2014 | 25-0
  • 2016 | 28-0
  • 2018 | 26-0
  • 2019 | 26-0
  • 2021 | 28-1

Below is information your family will need to know if your child is planning on participating in our Volleyball program this year. Students in 6th-8th grades may try out for official sports teams, and in order to try out, students must first bring the following to Coach Crego

How can You Help with Matador Athletics?

1. Donate to a sports team. Teams are funded by MNPS and funds are limited. Connect with your child’s coach about how you can support their team directly.

2. Provide rides to games/meets and snacks and drinks on game/meet days. Connect with your child’s coach about how you can support their team directly.

3. Support your teams by attending events! The Matadors are an athletic powerhouse and are so thankful for the support of our fans!

Head Coach