Today, I received official notification from the State of Tennessee Department of Education that JT Moore Middle School has been named a REWARD SCHOOL for “exemplifying student success in achievement and growth” in our students for this previous school year that ended in May. Although we have done great work over the past decade and more, including achieving Level 5 value added status multiple times (the highest), this is the first time that we have achieved REWARD SCHOOL status! Ever!

I am so happy for my team and for our school, and I am grateful to each and every parent who helped us achieve this honor. This year begins my 14th year at JT Moore Middle and I am more excited than ever about our school, our students, and our future successes!

Please help us keep the momentum going! We are halfway through our Invest in YOUR Child campaign and have raised $65,000 towards our $100,000 goal. If you have already made your pledge or donation, bless you. I am so grateful for every dollar we raise that supports the great work we do here at JTM.

I hope you all have a great day! Please thank a teacher or faculty member when you see them. Reward School status is a huge accomplishment. You plus Us equals greatness!

Dr. Gary D. Hughes, Executive Principal, John Trotwood Moore Middle School