Girls Soccer

Since their first season in 1987-1988, the Lady Matadors have been a force to be reckoned with in MNPS soccer and has regularly been invited to participate in the postseason City Championship. They currently hold 14 City Championship titles and are consistently ranked among the top teams in their division.

A JT Moore Alumni himself, coach Scott Putney has served as head coach of Girls’ Soccer since 2016, with an overall record of 52-4, and has three back-to-back City Championships under his belt. He challenges the team daily to improve individual and team skills. He’s a big believer in camaraderie to foster the ability of players, creating a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The Lady Matador players bring out the best and showcase the greatest aspects of what a JT Moore experience is all about: excellent students, hard-working and motivated student-athletes, and caring girls.


9/2/20215:15pm (Scrimmage)MeigsTed Rhodes ParkW3-0
9/7/20214:45pmHG HillJT MooreW9-0
9/9/20214:45pmWest End MiddleWest End MiddleW8-0
9/14/2021Bye WeekBye WeekBye WeekBye WeekBye Week
9/21/20214:45pmBellevue MiddleBellevue MiddleW2-0
9/23/20214:45pmHead MiddleJT MooreW7-0
9/30/20214:45pmCameronJT MooreW9-0
10/5/20214:45pmRose ParkJT MooreW2-0
Divisional Quarterfinal
JT MooreW2-0
Divisional Semifinal
JT MooreW6-0
Divisional Final
City Quarterfinal
City Semifinal
Hillsboro Flex FieldW7-1
City Championship

City Championships

  • 1989 | 6-0
  • 1990 | 6-0
  • 1992 
  • 1993
  • 1994
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1999
  • 2004 | 11-0
  • 2014 | 11-0
  • 2017 | 13-1
  • 2018 | 14-0
  • 2019 | 14-0
  • 2021 | 14-0

Below is information your family will need to know if your child is planning on participating in our Soccer program this year. Students in 6th-8th grades may try out for official sports teams, and in order to try out, students must first bring the following to Coach Putney

How can You Help with Matador Athletics?

1. Donate to a sports team. Teams are funded by MNPS and funds are limited. Connect with your child’s coach about how you can support their team directly.

2. Provide rides to games/meets and snacks and drinks on game/meet days. Connect with your child’s coach about how you can support their team directly.

3. Support your teams by attending events! The Matadors are an athletic powerhouse and are so thankful for the support of our fans!

Head Coach