Girls Basketball

Since the school’s inception in 1969, JT Moore’s Girls’ Basketball Program has a strong history of success with seven City Championships. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned veteran, we encourage all potential athletes to participate. JTM plays a14-game schedule in the Metropolitan Nashville Middle School Athletic Association and is part of the Western Division.

This year’s team is led by Head Coach Miranda Davidson and Assistant Coach, Cecilia Crego. The coaching staff at JTM is committed to developing student-athletes for future success in life, while promoting a positive and successful basketball experience for their players.


11/30/214:45pmHG HillJT MooreW53-9
12/2/215:00pmRose ParkRose ParkW29-17
12/6/215:00pmMcKissackJT MooreW41-3
12/9/215:00pmJohn EarlyJT MooreW42-13
1/13/225:00pmHead MiddleJT MooreL18-45
1/26/225:00pmWest EndJT MooreW23-7
1/31/225:00pmBellevueJT MooreW26-12
2/1/225:00pmHG HillHG HillW52-2
2/3/225:00pmRose ParkJT MooreW28-19
2/8/225:00pmJohn EarlyJohn EarlyW34-27
Western Division Tournament5:00pmMcMurray JT MooreW50-11
Western Division Tournament7:15pmJFKHillwood High SchoolW26-24
Western Division Tournament7:15pmAntiochHillwood High SchoolL23-34
Western Division Consolation (3rd Place Finish)4:45pmMarshallHillwood High SchoolW33-31


City Championships

  • 2002 | 19-0
  • 1999 | 18-0
  • 1998 | 18-0
  • 1996 | 18-0
  • 1992 | 18-0
  • 1977 | 9-1
  • 1972 | 13-2

Below is information your family will need to know if your child is planning on participating in our Basketball program this year. Students in 6th-8th grades may try out for official sports teams, and in order to try out, students must first bring the following to Coach Davidson: 

How can You Help with Matador Athletics?

1. Donate to a sports team. Teams are funded by MNPS and funds are limited. Connect with your child’s coach about how you can support their team directly.

2. Provide rides to games/meets and snacks and drinks on game/meet days. Connect with your child’s coach about how you can support their team directly.

3. Support your teams by attending events! The Matadors are an athletic powerhouse and are so thankful for the support of our fans!

Head Coach

Assistant Coach