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EVRITS Update – Where’s the Directory?

When we adopted EVRITS this year, we hoped to fulfill many goals. Number one being improved internal communications between JTM families, teachers, and administration. A secondary goal was to provide an online directory for parents and students that gets updated in real time, and does not use thousands of sheets of paper.

As of today, we have only 398 parents/caregivers registered to use the online directory. Just because you receive emails from your teachers does not mean you are registered to use the directory!

We will re-issue invitations to access the online directory again this Monday, November 4th.

Why should you register to use the EVRITS directory? It is more than just a listing of contacts.

Edit your information: By logging in to the directory, you can edit your own family contact information. If you have moved, you can update your address, phone numbers etc… As always, your directory record also offers a box to “opt out” of school communications and to make your directory information private.

Volunteer interests: At the bottom of every parent/caregiver record is a volunteer interest form where you can check the box of activities and events in which you’d like to be included. Want to help out with Arte de Moore in the Spring? You can check that item and when meetings are being held, you will be notified directly.

Coordinate with other families: Need to create a carpool to an event? You can search the directory to find the JTM families you’d like to contact, provided they have allowed their information to be published.

Please take the time to register with EVRITS, it is tool for you as well as for our teachers. Follow the link in the invitation email and you will be issued a password. As the invitation will tell you, your username is your email address. More on getting set up with EVRITS is HERE.

Questions? Overwhelmed and confused? Just ask for help! emailĀ  jtmoore_postmaster@evrits.com




UPDATE: Printed directories will be provided to families without computer access only, by request.

Introducing EVRITS: JTM Communications Network

7.26 NOTE: Your child will still be in the system as their 2012-2013 grade level. The system will not roll over new enrollees and returning students until mid-July.


Communication within JTM families will be a little different in the coming school year…we are rolling out a new communications network called EVRITS!

EVRITS is an online version of the printed school directory, currently used by other Metro schools such as Hume-Fogg, MLK, Meigs and several others. To see other schools served by EVRITS, go here.

EVRITS will allow JTM families to use our online, searchable directory, as well as a provide a vital tool to help your teacher communicate with you. You can choose to keep your directory information private, and the site is password protected, so the directory will not be in the public domain. The directory will ONLY be used for school communication.

While EVRITS will serve as both a parent and administration tool, its email capability will NOT replace the service we use for our e-blasts. If you do not currently receive our e-blasts, please register HERE.

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